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History of Aust-China

1988-1990: At the beginning,Aust-china own one medical center in Frankson, and then Aust China group owns six medical centers in Melbourne by putting great efforts in business;

1990-1996 Aust-china immigration center, Aust-china exchange center, Aust-china commerce center were established.

1996-2000 Being involved in property investment after purchasing Aust-china Building

2000-2003 New century Travel agency and 21ccn newspaper is established, and hold business event for 5 times.

2003-2006 Implementing the project of Townhouse Group in southeast Melbourne;

2006-2016 Property development in Western-east area of Melbourne(The Grove in Trugania(sold out), Huntingfield in Tarneit(sold out), Lakeside In Wyndham Vale(on sale))

2017 AC-finance investment Co., ltd.

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