AC Finance

Aust-China Property Fund I

The closing date of Aust-China Property Fund I is 31 August 2017, and the starting date of this fund is 1 September 2017. There are three classes of the fund, which are 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years.

The fund will invest into the Tarneit project, which comprises of an approximate 4.6-hectare vacant land in Tarneit. The land is planned to be subdivided into 80 detached houses. This area is included in the development of south-western areas in Victoria’s 30-Year Infrastructure strategy by Victoria Government. It only takes 30 minutes’ drive to Melbourne CBD. And it is 1.6 kilometres far away from Werribee Line, which is valuable for development.

Aust-China Term Fund

Aust-China Term Fund is an open-ended fund which is introduced by AC Finance. It has features of short investment period, and realtively high annualized return. Those raised capital will be directly invested into the properties with stable income.

Aust-China Property Fund I

Initial Investment:$100,000 AUD

Investment term Buy now
1 Year Call
2 Years Call
3 Years Call