Global Wealth Elite Club was initiated and set up by Mr. Kaiping Jin, Chairman of Aust-China Group, in Melbourne, Australia. Mr. Jin came to Australia from China with only 1000 Australian dollars and successfully created Aust-China Group Pty Ltd thirty years ago. He has written four well acclaimed books: The Australian Dream, The Chinese Landlord in Australia, A Business Guide to China (in English) and Business Negotiations with the People's Republic of China (in English). He was once appointed as an adviser for the Victoria State Government for three consecutive terms (totaling 12 years) and also a member of China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese overseas branch. Mr. Jin, now a senior Chinese investment specialist, real estate expert and entrepreneur, has initiated the setup of this club that aims to gather the Chinese wealthy elites who came to Australia from all over the world and to make them call this club their big family. Global Wealth Elite Club is committed to creating a most authoritative wealthy creation platform for high net worth individuals. What you can do on this platform includes but is not limited to the exchanges of investment information, cooperation in investment projects, sharing of experience in investment, and strengthening the cooperation with the Australian governments as well as the local wealthy elites. Creating a vibe of mutual respect, mutual assistance and mutual benefit, the club provides its members with more opportunities for them to “create and run their businesses successfully, and to enjoy and distribute their wealth.” It also helps them build an even brighter future by working together towards the same goal. Global Wealth Elite Club is a non-for-profit organisation, all of its income comes from membership fees and other services and will be used solely for serving the members. The revenue and expenditure of the club are settled annually for the period from 1 July to 30 June and are published on an annual report which is distributed to the club's office and members.

Services for Members

1. Information Exchange Information exchanges and communication between club members;Information exchanges and communication between the club members and the localAustralian entrepreneurs; ;Information exchanges and communication among various industries;Exchanges and coordination with Australia’s different levels of governments
2. Project Cooperation
  1) Making announcements on all kinds of investment projects on a regular basis, including: ;Land resources ;Real estate development projects for both residential and commercial purposes ;Financial investment projects ;High-tech investment projects ;Other investment projects required by members
 2) Organising its members to make project inspection and study tours
 3) Conducting project feasibility studies and analyses
 4) Promoting cooperation opportunities for members to share and grow together
 5) Providing assistance to members in their market development and project promotion
3.Global Wealth Elite Club uses The 21st Century Chinese News, its own WeChat platform, and other independent information platforms including the Chinese language radio, TV and newspapers in Melbourne to provide its members with information and consultancy services with regard to domestic and international commerce and trade as well as investment and capitalisation planning.
4.In cooperation with specialists from professional legal and accounting firms, Global Wealth Elite Club is committed to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of its member corporations and entrepreneurs in Australia.
5.Global Wealth Elite Club integrates all kinds of financial and non-financial resources to provide its members with a capitalisation platform and other related services they need. For example, the club may organise a match-making meeting between banks and member businesses or any personalised fundraising services. Its long-term goal is to set up a banking institution with investments from Chinese Australian businessmen in order to provide banking services to the Chinese community.
6. Member Networking The club also organises different kinds of carefully planned and personalised events to help businesses and entrepreneurs link up with each other for opportunities of cooperation. These events include high-end forums, friendship salons, business inspection/study tours, birthday parties, fitness exercises and hiking, training sessions, golf clubs, etc.


1. Small Exclusive Social Events Global Wealth Elite Club sometimes organises "small exclusive gatherings" where members are invited in separate groups to join an overseas business inspection/study tour, set out for hiking, join in premium wine tours, and participate in small scaled training session on special topics. These events are designed to provide networking opportunities for the high net worth individuals with both vision and insight to talk about their businesses, share their experiences, express their opinions, and make friends with each other over tea and wine.
2. Up Close and Personal with Financial Gurus If you are knowledgeable in finance, you are more likely to reap a good harvest from premium quality investment projects. Every year, Global Wealth Elite Club holds an experience-sharing event with the rich and famous. Some internationally acclaimed authorities in financial investment would be invited to come and share their experiences in business creation and investment, and help our members identify the current trend in global financial development and improve their investment portfolio around the world.
3. The Wealth Carnival for the Elites Who you are connected with can determine the social networks and human resources you have access to, the life style you lead, and even how productive your business can get. The club therefore will organise the event of Wealth Carnival for the Elites so that all members can have a get-together. By sharing new intelligence, experience and expertise, members will be able to benefit greatly from these events, which are designed to provide values and competiveness, facilitate cooperation, and promote businesses for the members

Become a Member

The vision of Global Wealth Elite Club is to boost the economic prosperity and advance the social progress by integrating the commercial and business forces. The club encourages resource sharing, communications on the same platform, and mutual assistance between members who are mostly high net worth people. The club has put in place all kinds of supporting systems based on the members' requirements and is doing everything it can to make these systems the most creative and helpful in serving the members. Global Wealth Elite Club welcomes all wealthy elites from all walks of life to join this big family and is willing to share with you a great life of “quality, nobility and gracefulness”.
 1. Qualifications for Membership (any one of the following conditions will qualify you for membership application): Ownership of a net asset of five million Australian dollars or more ; Working as one of the top managers of a public company whose market value is more than ten million Australian dollars
 2. Membership Fees Vice Chairman: $5,888/year ;Members: $888/year or $1,668/year (two members from the same company) ; Honorary consultant: must be recommended by club’s office
 3. Documents Required1 Application Form of Global Wealth Elite Club which you can fill in either online or as a hardcopy; ;Your resume2 ;Two passport-size photos; ;Your membership fee;
 4. Review of Documents Documents submitted for membership application will be under a preliminary review by the secretariat of Global Wealth Elite Club. The application will then be discussed and approved by the club's office3 meeting, and reported to the chairman for his/her approval. If passed, the secretariat will issue The Certificate of Membership. A new member will receive a membership card and badge after completing all necessary procedures.